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Just found out that W has got married.  Not sure how i should be feeling or if i should have any feelings towards her at all.  Should i feel upset that it wasn't me, should i be thinking "ah well good luck to him, he's welcome to her", should i be thinking "that could have been me" and whilst looking at the pic of her with her kids in all their wedding gear "its one of you 3 brats that caused her to change her mind about us..." In truth i've been thinking all of the above and more.  Angry, upset, anxious, lonely........

Its been 4 years to the week since we last saw other, 4 years since she told me "i don't to be in a relationship, i want to be on my own...", 4 years since she messed my head up.  We did talk about getting married, wonder what would of happened if we did.

You sure know how to mess with my head don't you W......

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