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The other night a mate of C's needed a hand to move her car.  Having a spare few hours i popped over to help.  Have to say i was a bit apprehensive about seeing her (shes another C so lets call her Camilla!).  We hadn't seen each other since one of C's last shows and i always wondered how our next meeting would go.  After a quick hug and catch up we started on the car.  I was trying to work out a way of steering the conversation round to C, but Camilla got there first with "so do you still still see C?".

I explained no and the reasons why.  Camilla looked at me and said "oh thank god, me neither.."  Turns out Camilla and the dancing lot ain't spoken to C for about 3 years or so.  C has used all her friends from that period of her life and has now alientated then big time.  Also turns out that i'm not the only one she ripped financially.  Shes done it before, and by my reckoning has taken me and at least one other group of people for several thousand pounds between us.  When i lent her the last lot of money, she wrote out 3 signed cheques, undated for the full amount she owed me.  I still have these cheques, in fact i can see them now....anyway i digress.

Me and Camilla chatted for a good few hours about the whole C thing.  C had all of us wrapped around her little fingers.  Too scared to talk to each other in case one of still spoke to her.   I said to Camilla i had come to the conclusion that C had used me, Camilla looked at me and said "i know how you feel SR, i felt exactly the same when i had same conversation with Al and Mi about C".  It felt good to talk to someone, and say all the things about C that i have had bottled up for so long.  We agreed that we should all meet up soon for a catch up.  Oh one last thing...remember those cheques i mentioned..........

Both L, M1 and Camilla have said "for gods sake cash those cheques, its too much money".  Well i thought i ought to do a bit of research on if they were still valid.  Technically because they are not dated, yes i could cash them.  But i can't......why...because C is a devious, manipulative bitch.  The cheques are from C's business account, they have C***** ***** t/a E***** C********* on them.  So 3 undated business cheques should be good, yes????? they would be if the company was still trading.  According to the interweb, said company was dissolved in Dec 2010.  I lent her the money, and she wrote the cheques in March 2011, on my birthday in fact.  So she wrote them out knowing that the company had been dissolved, she gave them to me knowing that i would never be able to cash them.  I did think she must trust me alot not to just cash them, but no, she knew that even if i did, there was no way i would ever get my money back.  I realised this as i was stood in a bank (a client of mine) and asked about the undated cheques.  The client asked if i was alright as i had gone pale by all accounts.....well you would go pale when it hits you that a supposed friend deliberatly cons you out of money.....£2000 to be exact.!!!!!!.  

Thats all for now, have some thoughts on what i could do to get my money back........

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